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a_deaf_distance's Journal

27 June 1988
- i will only accept yahoo messenger adds once you tell me who you are and why on earth you added me. otherwise i'm very friendly:P
- i am fluent in Romanian and English, and i think i can order French fries in German (ok, i can also talk for five minutes about hippies and the German classics. ask my very amused teachers.)
- i am currently struggling to grow up a bit. first step: moving out to a bigger city where i live in an apartment with a few friends, and where i also study (almost done with my first year as a philologist-in-the-making. all hail English and German!)
- i want to get a job, preferably something that involves languages and /or books. i'm a maniac with both
- no, i do not write very often, thank you for asking, i rarely post for more than four days in a row, and i do ramble.
- if you google watchitglow or finally_adriana you just might find out more about me, but don't put your hopes up
- oh, hello! my name is Adriana and i live in Timisoara, Romania, Eastern Europe.
- i like swimming
- did i mention i like to think i read a lot though i usually procrastinate until forever, and then have a book-marathon that drains me of all energy and fills my half-empty ego/self-esteem-box for weeks? (question! it was a question!)
- aaalso, i take photos and occasionally i like them. (points to deviantart link, closes eyes and prays nobody will tell her she sux)
- music? music, anybody?
- dear lord how i want to work in a bookstore :X (tomorrow's edit shall follow. i have a job interview)