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Dec. 13th, 2007

that's the way aha-aha i liiike it \:d/

apparently i am an interesting person. to that bizzare guy outside.
part of the building i live in is being renovated, and there are workers all over the place.
in other news:
step one. ogle like you mean it. check. i haven't been that stared at since i wore an orange skirt that was really short (which was like a few years ago and  which i am not yet ready to talk about. trauma.).
step two: say hi to the i-am-in-a-hurry-late-for-uni-again-oh-fuck-it girl. done. being stared at felt ok, being told 'hello' creeped me out. i don't socialize!!! (yes i do but you're the exception, y'hear me?!)
step three: ogle AND add "darling" to the greeting. call me "hi darling" again and i'll rip your ears apart!  it will make her feel special:x

leaving the frustration behind (in my subconscious, ready to jump at the throat of whoever will dare to look at me again)... hello world, what a pretty day! cold and vaguely snowy, i loved it. my cold/flu (disease with multiple personality imho) hated it, but i adooored it.
next in line: translation, translation, translation! i have nearly 20 pages to translate by Saturday, which means i should really get going (riiight after i eat) and do some work. i decided i am a total rag doll when i'm at home, my computer manipulates me more than i will ever know, so i chose to seek comfort in the study rooms at the university. nice and cosy (that means, silent and with a place where i can actually write)... i should be able to do some work. sucky part is i don't have a laptop so i have to write everything down by hand. doubleyay.

anywho, food, tea, walk-outside-avoid-hello-darling, study room, class. easy as pie:)

if i make it alive i'll post some more as soon as i get myself out of my oh-so-productive habits.

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