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Auslandssemeter (Semester abroad)

Here's an extract from a news article i found in one of my numerous (2) German newspapers. If anyone could enlighten me as to what the last sentence means (though i do have a vague clue.. what i mean is i need the actual English translation) i would be most grateful.
Deora? care to give us a hand?:D:P


Betriebs- und Volkswirte ohne abgenutzen Reisepass? Für diese Studenten ist ein Aufenthalt  im Ausland "sehr wichtig", sagt jeder dritte Personalverantwortliche. Es muss nicht unbedingt ein ganzes Semester an einer ausländischen Universität sein. Hauptsache, der Student kann bei der Bewerbung belegen, dass er gelernt hat, wie in anderen Ländern Geschäfte gemacht werden. Rund die Hälfte der Personaler erwartet auch von der Maschinenbauern und Elektrotechnikern internationale Erfahrung. Lediglich die Juristen halten den Umgang mit anderen Mentalitäten zwar für wichtig, das Prädikat "Sehr wichtig" wird jedoch in keiner Personalabteiung vergeben. "


it seeeez

so the whole article is about how important a semester abroad is to those who want a job in germany right after uni graduation. and the last sentence says that the people who work in the field of [drums] laaaw and justiiice [no more drums]are the only ones with a different mentality concerning this: they're not thrilled about it:P
the idea was it's good to see how things are handled in another country, but i guess the law-dudes&dudettes care not, for the german law is the one they have to work with.

Re: it seeeez

oh. ok.
dude! i thought this was about you going away to germany for a semester :P

anyhouse, back to lunch and study study study for me :(

Re: it seeeez

of course it's about me going away:P

Re: it seeeez

oh, but i'm slow, like that. you really need to elaborate :D

(also, what are you doing distracting me from studying? :P exam tomorrow, wish me luck :-s >:D< tu cand mai ai this week?)

Re: it seeeez

elaborate... what? (nooow who's the slow one?) on zee german thing?
i intend to go to germany for university this fall. first i have to actually learn german and pass a difficult exam, but other than that... piece o' cake.
the future's orange, ay?:P