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\:D/ i'll show you!:D (very very busy)

after a fight talk with mah precious and after many many hours minutes of self-pity and all i went outside to smoke and think about "what we've done". the topic was my ability to study hard enough so as to pass my university exams well AND to pass my DAF exam this june. the conclusion was, of course, that i lack motivation and i will probably not do it.
before ciggy: and i cry, ohmygod do i cry, and then i pout and go out feeling miserable.
during ciggy (which has obviously become a temporal label. humor me here)
turn on mp3player, listen to Kante- Die Tiere sind unruhig and chill. get a bucket of energy splashed in a few minutes. back in full throttle.
after ciggy: change yahoo messenger status to "\:D/ i'll show you!:D (very very busy)", rebel against everyone who thinks you can't do it and do it!
what follows: a lot of german, and words posted on my wall, and colours, and underlining, and a sea of dictionaries all over the floor and and and. enthusiasm again. i love adrenaline who's with me?!


that is all.

enthusiasm again. i love adrenaline who's with me?!

gonna go try to be 1/4 as enthusiastic as you about exams :-s :D