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oh great day of useless productive activities :D

i have just finished cleaning my room (which, if you know me the tiniest bit, should set off a national celebration throughout china. or an apocalypse) because there will be some strangers passing by here today (it is the monthly heating-devices-must-be-looked-closely-at-to-see-how-much-heat-you-have-used day)...
in other news:
today is the day of past tenses. which means i now have to google ahead through endless pages of english grammar to get theoretical about how and when and bla to use the past tense. and then... exercises:D
i'm glad you ask why (little people in my head on riot again, don't mind me)
i have a student. hurray for me. he's 35 and he needs english for a job interview (january, february, something)... and oddly enough he likes our classes. last time he had plans of us being student-teacher for another 2-3 years or so.. should i tell him i don't plan on sticking around for so long?...
oh and his name is William :/
(i repeated this sentence over and over in my head and it just cracks me up: i am teaching william english.)
ok he's hungarian but nevermind. out of the context it's just great. makes me feel empowered mwahahaa:D

next in line: i promised him i'd watch a movie (blade runner) and i still haven't got to do that... and i soo don't feel like it...
in other other news:
my room:D (yes, this is clean) and myyy room
apparently those were the "medium-sized images". right. and lamely i can't really store photos (rookie, n00b -hate this word- whatever:P)

ps. it's snowing! !!i'm gonna go out and smoke in the snow for the first time this year yay hyperventilating OH MY G.... *crashes*


what's that fancy keyboard-ish thingy by your computer? but PINK YAYE :DDD

ways of storing photos: http://tinypic.com/ ; http://photobucket.com/ ; http://pics.livejournal.com/manage/upload

SNOW. wait why did it snow first in bucharest, and then in timi?

oy, i must have got confusing

it wasn't the first snow, it was the first time i smoked while snowing. anywho, i wouldn't be surprised to find that bucharest was first so...
ps thank you for the links:D